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Amazingly smart property automation systems for vacation rental



SmartSpace managed smart technology service boosts profits, cuts costs, saves time, increases safety & more


Busy property managers want more peace of mind with less headaches.

Property investors want more bookings, higher profits & more protection for their investment.

Guests want "better-than-at-home" convenience & comfort for the ultimate vacation experience.

Everyone gets more of what they want with SmartSpace


Get big hotel technology without the big dollar price tag

Managing vacation rentals is challenging, especially with a growing portfolio of diverse properties. To be profitable, you need a technology solution that scales from micro to mega with maximum efficiency & minimum headaches.

Big-brand hotels already know this. But how do you compete with their multi-million $ budgets?

That's what we do best


Work smarter, not harder

SmartSpace saves you time by tying together all the software & hardware that runs your business

  • Integrates with the leading industry software & online platforms
  • Automatically email guests their own keyless entry code when they book online
  • 100s more partners & growing

Our partnerships supercharge your efficiency.


Smart locks give convenient, secure, automated control from booking through clean up

Until SmartSpace, each of your properties had a different brand of smart lock, which means different programming codes, passwords, control apps, batteries, maintenance, notifications, etc. Not anymore!

  • Check the status of unlimited locks at once in one dashboard/app
  • Get an alert the first time a guest enters their entry code so you know they got in OK
  • Create an audit log of who enters & exits
  • Know when cleaners & contractors visit the property
  • Get an alert if a door is left unlocked after checkout
  • For MDUs guests can access common area doors with the same code as their unit

Get all the control you need for maximum peace of mind.


Smart thermostats save money, energy & time

How much labor & energy costs would you save if your thermostats automatically turned themselves down every time the property was vacant? Typically 30% or more!

  • Save energy costs with an auto Vacant mode that turns down AC after checkout
  • Eliminate outrageous energy bills by limiting the temperature range guests can adjust
  • Get an alert of extreme high or low temperatures to prevent fire or frozen pipe damage

30% reduced energy cost is just the start of smart savings.


Outdoor cameras protect your property & your host reputation

Get proactive protection from policy abuse, damages, incidents & more.

  • One dashboard/app to view unlimited cameras & recordings
  • Get alerts if motion is detected when vacant or after hours
  • Cameras keep recording even if the internet drops out
  • HD recordings are kept for months, not days like other systems

Protect what matters most.


Internet TV saves 80% or more vs. cable TV

You're guests are there to see the sights, not watch TV so don't overpay!

  • Get the same local + premium channels as cable/satellite TV without the premium price

80% reduced TV cost pays for itself month after month.


Digital signage captures your guests’ attention & boosts your brand

  • Personally welcome guests by name on their room TV
  • Display local fun & food, promote offers, social feeds, reviews & more 

Get your message seen by every guest.


Smart lights WOW guests, save energy & enhance security

  • Create the perfect ambiance for every moment
  • Automatically turn front door lights on at night for a warm guest welcome
  • “Vacant” mode deters crime by making it look like it’s occupied when it's not
  • Cut energy costs by automatically turning lights off after checkout

Create the perfect mood to relax & unwind.


Reliable internet & WiFi stays fast with no dropouts

  • 24/7 optimization, family-friendly internet filtering & legal compliance
  • Whole property WiFi coverage
  • WiFi marketing collects emails, branded login page, promotes offers & more
  • Separate host/staff & guest WiFi with instant password changes across unlimited sites

Your guests will never complain about WiFi again.


Do what you do best & leave the tech to us

We're your trusted tech partner on a mission to boost & protect your business.

  • Includes 24/7 monitoring, active optimization, maintenance & unlimited support
  • System design & software integration by certified IT professionals

Let's do this!


Hello SmartSpace, goodbye digital headaches

Digital headaches destroy profitability. Don't let that happen to you by using smart home products designed for residential homeowners.

You are running a business. Businesses demand bulletproof reliability.

SmartSpace uses the same business-class equipment trusted by global brands like these.
You should too.

Guest check in and check out has never been smoother & they’ve never been happier in-between. And happy guests keep coming back! Thanks SmartSpace.
— Kathy C., Property Manager

Everything you need, nothing you don't

SmartSpace gives you everything you need - equipment purchase or rental, 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, support & more - starting at only $199/month plus one-time startup investment. 

You deserve the best



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