Get massive Wi-Fi without massive headaches & expense


Until now, getting great Wi-Fi for your business, rental property or luxury estate meant buying expensive equipment that turned into outdated boat anchors within 2 years plus paying even more to keep the whole system maintained & fix it when it broke. Not anymore!

Get awesomely affordable Wi-Fi today


Wi-Fi that finally gives you what you really want

When you want Wi-Fi, what you really want is screaming fast Wi-Fi that is always secure & reliable with zero headaches & zero dropouts. That's what we do best.


Perfect for Large Venues

  • Provide reliable WiFi service you can charge a Technology Fee for when you rent your venue
  • 100s or 1000s of devices can roam indoors & outdoors with no dropouts & no slowdowns
  • Great for event venues, churches, warehouses, multi-site retail, malls, office parks & more

Wow Your Guests

  • Give your guests a premium experience and keep them coming back
  • Promote your brand or ads on the login webpage
  • Minimize your legal risk with terms & conditions agreement
  • Speed limits, time limits, download limits & more

Stay Safe & Secure

  • Maximize productivity with employee/parental controls
  • Block unwanted and harmful websites
  • Don't pay $1000s in PCI or HIPAA compliance fines! If you accept credit cards or store personal information, you have to prove annually that your POS system/Office Wi-Fi is totally separate from guests, etc.
  • Get alerted when an unidentified & potentially dangerous device connects to your Wi-Fi
  • Hacker prevention, internet filtering, firewall & more

Make Money With Wi-Fi

  • Gather emails, phone numbers, birthdays for your marketing database
  • Guests promote your brand to their social followers when they get Wi-Fi in exchange for a social media like, review, etc.
  • Offer hourly/daily paid Wi-Fi vouchers & more

Everything you need, nothing you don't

UltraFi W-Fi service gives you everything you need - including equipment, security monitoring, maintenance & more - starting at only $199/month plus one-time initial installation investment. 

You deserve the best




Retail  •  Office •  Multi Site  •  More



Public/Private Practice  •  Multi Site  •  HIPAA Secure



AirBNB • Short & Long Term Rental  •  Hotel  •  MDU



Luxury Estate  •  Community  •  Retirement Center  •  More


Got Wi-Fi headaches? Want your Wi-Fi to actually make you money?